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Oct 16 2014

Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: The Telepathic Language of the Heart


heart-Angelic Guides: the Telepathic Language of the Heart, channeled by Taryn Crimi, October 13, 2014,

Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of communication.

There are many at this time who have great difficulty communicating their true beliefs, thoughts and feelings with those they are closest to. Many believe that in order to communicate they must use words.

You have been taught that in order to understand another you must listen. But really you must feel in order to understand. It is our intention today to help shed light on this topic and discuss some of the misconceptions about how one can communicate.

The use of language through words has been used on your planet for thousands upon thousands of years. However, know that this was not always the case, nor [are words] necessary for communication to take place.

You may look to the animal kingdom, which has not developed a spoken language such as your own. Yet you can watch a flock of birds take off in sync, fish swerve and maneuver through water as one unit, and elephants communicate their location to others miles away.

Many may argue that animals do communicate through sounds that are natural to them. We would agree that yes, animals do use sound as one form of communication; however what we are suggesting is that vocal sounds are not a necessary part of communication. Communication is shared through energy, through frequency.

Regardless of whether you intend to do so or not, all beings share their energy with others. The thoughts that you have create a vibration, a specific frequency, which is then perceived by others around you.

This is also why you are able to detect if someone is being genuine and authentic in the words they speak. You instinctively pick up on the thoughts and vibrations the other person is giving off.

When a person’s words and thoughts do not match, you can perceive this. This intricate process of translation is all done subconsciously.

Just as you do not have to give your heart specific instructions on how to pump blood through your body, you do not have to consciously know how to translate another person’s frequency in order for you to feel their energy.

Another example of your ability to translate energy is the communication that is made between humans and animals. You do not speak the same language, and yet there is a common understanding between a human and their animal.

This is not because the animal has learned your language, but because animals and humans alike are skilled at perceiving and interpreting the energy around them.

However, because the animals have not become reliant upon a spoken language to communicate, their ability to interpret the thoughts of others is much more precise, and therefore relied upon much more heavily.

When we send information to our messenger, we are not speaking any particular language, and yet our energy is being translated into the English language.

We are simply sending energy, and it is being translated by the pineal gland in the brain into the English language because that is the language that our messenger speaks.

However, it is the heart center that is responsible for perceiving the energy of others. The mind can only translate the energy into the available words that exist within the person’s conscious mind, whereas the heart can ‘speak’ all languages.

This is what all of you do when you ‘communicate’ with another being. In many cases two humans who do not speak the same language can decipher the overall message that is being ‘communicated’.

This is not because they can understand the language that is being spoken, but because the words are not what is actually used to communicate. It’s the energy that is carried in the words.

You do not actually communicate with words – they are simply the vessel you are using to send and receive messages. Words are simply the carrier of energy; they are not the message themselves.

This goes for both written and spoken words; both simply carry energy. Words in and of themselves are neutral; it is only the energy you give them that determines the meaning behind them.

We often find words to be quite limiting. The intense emotional feelings that you experience upon you world cannot be described by words. Rather they are shared through energy.

You cannot describe the love that you have for your child, nor can you describe the pain that is felt by the loss of a loved one.

In the higher realms, there is no need for a language to be spoken. Our thoughts are shared instantly with others. We do not choose to remain in a physical reality, and therefore we do not have a physical voice to speak with, nor do we have physical ears to ‘hear’ with.

We perceive our reality in non-physicality. The five physical senses are something that humans often take for granted,however when you return to the higher realms you will no longer have a physical body beyond the 5th dimension.

Without the use of a spoken language, we do not experience the misunderstandings that take place when relying so heavily on a spoken language to deliver our messages.

The limits that exist in a spoken language are not able to fully convey all that the heart feels. Many arguments ensue on your world not necessarily because of the differing of opinions, but rather because of the strong desire of each person to be ‘heard’ and understood. When everyone can truly understand everyone else on your planet, you will no longer experience the ‘need’ for war on your world.

Your reliance on a spoken language will slowly be replaced by the ability to once again fully communicate through thoughts alone. You will find technological advances that act much like a bridge in assisting you while you regain this natural and innate ability.

The wide depth and array of emotions that you are able to experience in your world cannot be expressed through your words. Rather, they are expressed through the strong energy you feel and therefore emit for others to perceive. Thoughts are felt, not heard.

Just as each human is born with the innate ability to perceive the thoughts and feelings of others around them, each human is also born with the ability to fully communicate their every thought and feeling without the use of a spoken language,

This ability is usually not cultivated; and over time, with the introduction of spoken language upon which humans then become so heavily reliant for all means of communication, the ability fades.

However know that it never fully goes away, it simply weakens because it is not used. Although few have kept the conscious ability to communicate telepathically in its fullest capacity, all of you have the ability to detect the energy in another being.

A person does not need to speak for you to perceive that they are angry, sad, happy or at peace. You are able to discern another person’s overall emotion simply by being in their presence.

There will once again come a time when humans will not ‘need’ to speak to one another to convey their thoughts; rather it will simply be a preference that they will sometimes partake in. It will no longer be a necessity.

As you continue to expand your consciousness and regain your abilities that have lain dormant within you, we ask you to remember that words are not the message; they are simply the vessel used to carry the message.

We remind you to rely heavily upon the feelings of the heart, as it can never be deceived by the words spoken by another. To listen is to simply hear the words one speaks. Yet to understand another you must open your heart. That is where true communication lies.

We hope that this message has in some way served you,

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.



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