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Oct 20 2014

Indigo children – how can rambunctious children inspire world peace? by Charles Virtue



The ever-present Indigo spirit in our world today has been defined in so many ways – some consider this to be a rebellious, socially disadvantaged condition – others see it as a sign that parenting and caretaking are so far detached that discipline has become secondary to conformity. Some people think the Indigo spirit is a chemical imbalance that can easily be solved a few milligrams at a time – but no matter what people think of these blessed souls, they definitely notice them.

Despite the behavioural views shared by some, others see these children as heaven-sent warriors meant to wake us up to the imbalanced, unpractical, outdated and unethical aspects of modern-day life. Indigo children are guided by heaven to question the rules and practices to which humans often turn a blind eye. Since it is no surprise that humanity is a pretty complacent species, something within us had to change in order for us to collectively seek a different way of life. The principal essence of the Indigo spirit is this: the world does not resonate with our modern-day desires.

Now you may be asking yourself how rambunctious children can inspire world peace. You’d be right to ask this, but please allow me to explain. In order for a true warrior spirit to survive the assimilation processes of upbringing, they must have an unbreakable spirit. Indigo children epitomise this; no amount of medication or harsh discipline can take away their inherent need to question and dissect authority. As these children grow into adults their natural ability to detect truth in their surroundings often guides them to make a difference. We can see evidence of the Indigo spirit almost every day in the news – many civilisations that after thousands of years of the same type of rule are finally putting their foot down and demanding change.

Indigos also bring a divine spiritual light into the world; these souls are very sensitive and, when allowed to express themselves without shame, are capable of channelling powerful and divinely essential messages from heaven to those that will listen. Indigos are programmed from conception with a clear vision of the exact amount of balance and happiness our world should be experiencing, and, while they can sometimes seem misguided, we have to understand they are also very sensitive and can lose track if not cared for in a specialised way.

In order to keep Indigos safe, out of trouble and give them the best chance possible for a productive future, we must learn to work with them in a more evolved fashion than our current academic systems can often achieve. Indigos can feel the pain in the world around them. We see their reaction to this pain expressed as anxiety, temperament and sometimes seclusion – but ultimately they mirror the energy they encounter. When an Indigo is happy you simply cannot find a more enjoyable person to be around. When they are upset…watch out.

Some of the most common questions I am asked about working with Indigo children are, ‘How can I bring peace to my child?’ or, ‘What can I do to get my child to behave or stay out of trouble?’ It should be understood that there is no ‘cure’ to the Indigo spirit, and while my deepest, most heartfelt gratitude (and compassion!) goes out to every caretaker of these children, ultimately the Indigo will never be satisfied until the world is fixed. They have a heavenly mission – let’s not forget that. I do understand, however, that day-to-day life must go on – and we all know deep down that a certain amount of obedience is required to get through it all. I find that one of the most important and empowering things you can do for Indigos is relate to them; listen to what is upsetting them. When they are willing to share their thoughts you’ll find a surprising resonance to what you are reading right now. They just want balance and equality.

You cannot impose general, blanketed rules on these children without a clear explanation as to why they are necessary. They may still question the rule, but over time, and with your continued guidance, they will eventually realise that life is a sort of game, and certain rules must be followed in order for them to get what they want. While not all Indigos are open to spiritual topics at first, it is important to remind them that they do have a very powerful purpose on this planet, and, although they so often feel totally out of place, time will reveal to them just how essential they are to the world. Since they tend to amplify the energy they experience, we must remember that harsh reactions will only perpetuate the negativity we may be attempting to alleviate.

Archangels Metatron, Michael, and Jophiel are excellent angels to call on to not only bring peace to these children, but to bring peace to ourselves so we may approach and interact with these delicate souls with energy that will inspire positivity.

The connection these children have to angels is unparalleled and, even if they are not open to hearing about spirituality, your silent continuous prayers will do so much good in helping them to resonate with and perpetuate the love of heaven to help their mission. If we can relax our parental expectations and realise the world is changing and we must evolve with it, we can help usher in the most powerful generation this planet has known. When Indigos have completed their task and awakened us to the truth – that we as humans were meant to live happy, balanced lives – the work of the angels and heaven will be ever-present in our day-to-day lives, paving the way for lasting peace.


by Charles Virtue

Charles will be touring Australia in June/July this year.

Charles Virtue, the eldest son of Dr. Doreen Virtue, is a renowned angel intuitive, teacher and an author of literature on working with the angels. Charles has combined his natural intuition with knowledge obtained through a lifetime of exposure to the metaphysical world, to bring us the Angel Certification Program (ACP), Mediumship and Life Purpose/Manifestation Classes.

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