Oct 21 2014

The Energy Connection for Sensitive Indigo and Crystal Children – by Jan Yordy, MEd., MSW, Certified Play Therapist

Indigo and Crystal children are special beings whose energy systems are extremely sensitive and may be affected by the energy around them in negative and/or harmful ways. With enhanced awareness, their highly tuned system picks up the negative emotional and environmental energy from their surroundings like a sponge. This causes Indigos or Crystals to become ungrounded, scrambled and often energetically reversed leading them to make poor choices and to self sabotage.  Not only does this make their lives more difficult, it also makes the job of parenting more challenging!
I have found many parents of Indigo children are not yet aware of their child’s special sensitivity to energy but bring their child to counseling out of concerns for their child’s emotional well being. They may have a highly anxious child who worries about many things or even develops obsessive-compulsive behaviors as a way of coping. Other parents have children/teens who appear depressed and may even be self harming or suicidal. Another difficult behavior some parents deal with is the oppositional child whose anger seems huge in comparison to the situation. These children easily turn a household upside down with their temper tantrums and reactive, noncompliant behaviors.  It may be helpful to realize that these behaviors in Indigos and Crystals can be seen as symptoms of the energetic imbalance in their bodies due to personal and environmental factors and are not simply attitudinal problems. The fundamental causes underlying the behavior must be addressed if the child is to function and thrive.

Many of these sensitive children also struggle within traditional school systems that reward compliant children conditioned not to think for themselves. This is because Indigos and Crystals often rebel against authoritative figures who exude a “power over others” attitude. They are bright, creative, “think outside of the box” kids who operate with a different brain organization and learning style and have difficulty conforming unless given reasons it is in their interest to do so. Unfortunately many Indigos need movement to keep their brains switched on, and their ability to process quickly while milti-tasking often mistakenly earns them the label of ADD/ADHD and a prescription for
Ritalin. Although Ritalin is a stimulant drug, it may actually have a sedating effect on active Indigo children who are stressed from rigid school environments which fail to meet their learning needs. Ritalin may give the appearance of increasing an Indigo child’s ability to sit still and pay attention, however it will not correct the chronic reversed polarity and scrambled energy state, leading to energetic patterns which will cause long term problems for Indigos. Over time, energetically scrambled Indigos may become numb to their true potential and lose their enhanced thinking capabilities as they struggle to fit into an adult dominated, and left brained oriented world.

The key to raising healthy, positive Indigo or Crystal children is to help them become aware of their energy functioning and to recognize when their finely tuned system is ungrounded and disorganized. Indigo and Crystal children who are “spaced out” and totally in their head instead of tuned into information from their body will more easily pick up negative energy in their auric field and physical body. If they live for a long time in a disconnected state, they will feel emotionally numb or highly reactive with no clue as to why their emotions are so overwhelming. Eating an unhealthy “junk food” diet, spending hours in front of a TV or playing mindless video or computer games may be a way your child maintains their disconnection from uncomfortable feelings.  As a parent of sensitive Indigo or Crystal children, there are many things you can do to help your child become more grounded and energetically balanced. Since Indigo and Crystal children often mirror your energetic state, staying calm and emotionally balanced yourself helps your child remain energetically present and in control of their emotions. Helping them to take time every day to tune into their body’s energy and to release any negative energy they may have picked up while at school or from others they may have come in contact with is essential. Practicing energy balancing techniques every day with your child will help them to be more in tune with their body and to recognize when they need an energy clearing. Some simple Brain Gym exercises also help to balance energy and switch out of the stress mode allowing them to think with their whole


Finally, their physical health is an important component of their overall well-being and developing healthy eating patterns is critical particularly because they have such sensitive systems. Many Indigos and Crystals suffer from food and chemical allergies, and it is especially important to help them recognize what sugar, chemical, preservatives, trans fats and other forms of food toxins do to their physical and energetic system. Checking for hidden food and chemical allergies is also important in helping your child achieve a balanced energetic state. Common foods such as wheat, dairy or corn because they are more difficult to digest may create toxins in your child’s body and brain that can lead to behavioral difficulties and reduced ability to think and learn.  10 techniques to Ground and Balance Your Child’s Energy:

1) The way we breathe has a huge impact on how grounded we feel. Shallow chest breathing throws our nervous system into the stress mode. Make a game out of having your child take slow, deep breaths as they focus on different parts of their body. Can they imagine breathing through the bottom of their feet, their heart center, top of their head or their stomach? As they focus on different areas of the body can they visualize any stress or negative energy leaving their body as they exhale? (Our breath moves energy!)

2) The energy in our body is electromagnetic. To help children sense something which usually can’t be seen, have them rub their hands together rapidly. Then gently bring the hands almost together and apart several times to see if they can sense the energetic force between their hands. If they can easily feel the energy in their palms, have them
playfully stretch it out and squeeze it together again or toss it to someone else to catch.  Take time to help them understand how important it is to keep this energy balanced in their body and connected to the earth’s energy.

3) While your child is sitting in a chair or cross legged on the floor have them imagine that they have a tail just like a monkey touching the floor/earth. This is their grounding cord which is good for releasing negative energy and taking on positive energy. See if they can set an intention to let go of negative energy down their tail releasing it into the
earth. When all their negative energy has been released, ask them to bring up some of the life giving earth energy. Do they notice the difference in the quality of energy flowing up from the earth? Conducting this exercise while seated outdoors can be a very positive experience!

4) While your child is standing up have them imagine they are a strong, sturdy tree with roots which grow out of the bottom of their feet growing deep into the earth. Feel how solid and strong they feel when their roots connect them into the earth’s energy. Can they bring up the earth’s positive energy through the bottom of their feet and up through
their body until it spills out the top of their head like a fountain? What are some words they can use to describe how this positive energy feels when it is moving through their body?

5) Here is a fun activity to try with your child using a metal spoon to attract the excessive electromagnetic energy of the body and release it. Rub the bottom of your child’s foot with a metal spoon in a counter-clockwise direction. (It should be a firm pressure rather than light.) The counter-clockwise circles release over-energy helping the child to calm down and relax. This is an especially good exercise to do if your child is having trouble relaxing and falling asleep at night! They may like it so much that they ask for it over and over.

6) When children become energetically reversed, they will self sabotage or make choices which brings them harm instead of positive things. A quick way to balance their polarity is to do the Karate Chop with the side of one hand tapping the open palm of the other hand. If combined with a positive affirmation and a deep breath it helps to shift their reversed polarity. Often the child is feeling frustrated so have them say something like this, “Even though I am mad about ___________, I like myself and I am still a good kid.” Any words which state the problem and some form of acceptance in spite of the problem while tapping the side of their hand appears to work in correcting reversed energy. This acceptance statement should be repeated out loud at least 3 times with the cleansing breath. (The Karate Chop comes from the Emotional Freedom Technique.)

7) Another way of correcting reversed polarity is by rubbing the Brain Buttons (K-27) under the collar bone. This Brain Gym® exercise starts by placing the thumb and fingers from one hand on the collar bone. Slide the hand down one inch so that your fingers find the hollow just under the collarbone. Gently massage this key energy spot while placing the other hand over the belly button. After about 25 seconds reverse the hands and rub the Brain Buttons with your opposite hand while the other hand covers the belly button. It is good to repeat this exercise several times a day especially if you suspect your child is having trouble with energetic reversals! It also provides good stimulation for the brain.

8) Walking barefooted outdoors (weather permitting) is another good way of increasing your child’s groundedness. Have your child notice the different sensations of grass, earth, pavement, sand, rocks, and water as they walk. Stimulating the bottom of your child’s foot through massage or reflexology is another way to get them to tune into their feet and get them back into their body energetically.

9) The Hook Up from Brain Gym® is a lovely way of balancing energy while you calm down over-energy and switch on both hemispheres of the brain. This is a good exercise to do several times a day with your child! This exercise can be done sitting, standing or lying down in bed. Start by crossing your feet at the ankles. Extending your hands out in front of your body turn the thumbs down so they are pointing at the ground. (Your hands should have the backs almost touching.) Now lift up one hand and cross it over the other hand so palms touch and fingers can interlock. Allowing the elbows to bend, rotate the clasped hands down and then back up so your hands end up resting comfortably on your chest. Finally take a deep breath in while placing your tongue up in the center, inside your mouth. When you exhale, relax the tongue allowing it to go back into place in the mouth. Keep taking slow deep breaths while placing the tongue up on the in breath and relaxing it as your breath out. When the Hook Up is held for at least a minute, a calming, peaceful sensation is often felt. The Hook Up is ended by uncrossing everything and gently placing the finger tips together. I encourage the child to notice what sensations they feel at their finger tips. The tingling, warmth, or pulsing they usually feel in their finger tips is the vibration of their body’s energy. Touching finger tips together is another way of balancing the body’s polarity.

10) Having your child create a bubble of protection around themselves every morning is another helpful technique to keep them from picking up negative energy. First have your child imagine positive light all around their body like a bubble. Have them imagine that this bubble can let in positive energy but will repel any negative energy which is around them. Next have them think about the happy activities and positive interactions they will be experiencing that day. Their angels and guides are ready to bring these thoughts and ideas into reality. The child ends this visualization by tying shut their bubble at their feet so no negative energy can sneak in.

11) Since the front of the body (chakra system) is often a place where you can lose positive energy or take on negative energy, doing a Zip Up when you are going to be around a lot of other people my be helpful for your sensitive Indigo/Crystal. After rubbing the hands together vigorously, sweep up the central meridian with the palm of
the hand from the pubic bone to the bottom of the lips and then out to the side before dropping the hand back down. This process allows the hand to work like a magnet with the electromagnet energy of the body and is more powerful when it is combined with a positive affirmation. Something like, “I am calm, strong and loving” or “I am smart,
brave and confident” are just some examples that could be used. Any words that feel comfortable to the child/teenager will work since it is the intention with which it is completed that is most important. Taking a deep breath each time your hand sweeps up will help the process to work better. Pretending to place a lock at the bottom of the lips so no one can unzip the energy field during the day is also helpful.
Practicing some of these energy exercises every day will help to grow their awareness and to stabilize your child’s energy field. This will allow them to be more comfortable to be their authentic, beautiful self!

Written by Jan Yordy, MEd., MSW, Certified Play Therapist

Jan Yordy MEd., MSW, Certified Play Therapist is a former teacher and a child therapist working primarily with Indigo children and teens. Creator of the Energy Connection game and a video about the Indigo phenomenon called Indigo Child, The Next Step in Evolution, Jan is passionate about helping Indigo children lead positive and fulfilling
lives. Jan has trained as a Spiritual Facilitator with Dr. Wayne Dosick, author of Spiritually Healing the Indigo Child (and Adult Too) and is happy to be using his techniques at her new Integrated Center for Optimal Learning in Waterloo, Ontario.

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