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Feb 05 2018

Pure Joy!

. Pure Joy right here.  This was the very first time in his whole 2yr old life that Jonah was laughing so hard that he couldn’t hold his body up. He fell to the floor and then was laughing at that on top of whatever was making him laugh in the first place.   I got the photo, but can …

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Jun 18 2015

Parent’s Empowering Themselves For Their Children’s Sake by Melanie Tonia Evans

  This article, and its accompanying radio show, is without exception the most important one, to date, that I have ever written.  After reading this article, I am appealing to you to PASS IT ON, and share as widely as you can. This article is a two part series which is a passionate project that …

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Apr 09 2015

“I’m Tired of Hating People” – A Growing Movement Based in Love by Matthew Albracht

I recently watched Zak Ebrahim’s moving Ted Talk entitled “I am the son of a terrorist. Here’s how I chose peace.”  In it he reveals that his father was a prominent, convicted American terrorist who had plotted to bomb tunnels, bridges and even the UN headquarters.  Zak grew up in what he referred to as …

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Nov 05 2014

Lissa Rankin: 7 Tips for Finding Your Tribe

  Like so many others who struggle to find their tribe, I spent much of my life tiptoeing around my desire to find a group of people among whom I could be unconditionally loved and accepted, while staying in alignment with my true nature. Although I had my share of friends, most of them weren’t …

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Oct 21 2014

The Energy Connection for Sensitive Indigo and Crystal Children – by Jan Yordy, MEd., MSW, Certified Play Therapist

Indigo and Crystal children are special beings whose energy systems are extremely sensitive and may be affected by the energy around them in negative and/or harmful ways. With enhanced awareness, their highly tuned system picks up the negative emotional and environmental energy from their surroundings like a sponge. This causes Indigos or Crystals to become ungrounded, scrambled and often …

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Oct 20 2014

Indigo children – how can rambunctious children inspire world peace? by Charles Virtue

     The ever-present Indigo spirit in our world today has been defined in so many ways – some consider this to be a rebellious, socially disadvantaged condition – others see it as a sign that parenting and caretaking are so far detached that discipline has become secondary to conformity. Some people think the Indigo …

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Oct 20 2014

Advice for Parents of Indigos

Many parents are feeling frustrated because they don’t understand their children, so I hope this helps in understanding a little better how to handle these indigos, and what to do in a behavioral level. To start, take your time to make 2 lists. First, when you see a newborn baby, what do you feel? What …

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Feb 15 2013

Advice for Parents [of Indigo / Crystal Children]

This post is copied from  It’s dated 2006.  It is very powerful, useful, and filled with solutions.  Please leave a comment and let me know how it helped.  Thanks! This little help is a response to a request [for help around parenting indigos] Many parents are feeling frustrated because they don’t understand their children, …

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