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Radio Show

Join Cindy and Nancy for bright, expansive, uplifting talks about the Indigo experience. Cindy, an Indigo/Crystal; and Nancy, a coach for Indigo/Crystal/Spirit folk, create magic and miracles when they get together and talk. Together, they bring both spiritual and earth perspectives on issues, ideas, and victories; and hold a space to inspire winning solutions to naturally surface from the heart. They’ll talk about Indigos, their gifts and challenges, finding their voice in the world, parenting indigo children, and more. They’ll share stories, hold discussions, interview Indigos and professionals, and more.

Broadcasting on Tuesdays at 3:00pm PST at


 ,A Conversation with Psychic Medium David Baker: Fear, Love, &

Life Eternal – Live show – Free Readings

We are delighted to have David Baker on our live radio show Tuesday, October 28, 2014!  He’s a psychic medium, author, teacher, and producer and host of his own blogtalkradio show, “Beyond the Gate Radio”. We’ll lead a conversational discussion with David of all things (well, not ALL of them) psychic, spiritual, ghostly – about life after our time on earth, fearlessness, love, negative energies – both physical and non-physical, protecting oneself, communicating with departed loved ones, and ways in which our audience of indigos and awakening souls can be blessed by this knowledge.  This will be a live broadcast so you are welcome to ask a question via phone or chat when you tune in on Tuesday. Learn more at


Psychic Cheryl Lynn – 2015 Predictions, Horoscopes, & Free Readings

We’re so excited to introduce you to Psychic Cheryl Lynn. She’s going to briefly share with us a little about her background, perhaps a story or two, and how she came to find her purpose with this fascinating work.  Psychic Cheryl Lynn will be offering her 2015 Predictions, 2015 Tarot Horoscopes for all Sun Signs, Future Visions, and she will be doing free readings for our listeners!  This will be a LIVE 2-hour show.  Psychic Cheryl Lynn is a natural born psychic through her father’s lineage. Through a recent private spiritual experience, the universe has given her the name The Messenger.  Learn more here…


A Taste of How We DO Change The World

Spiritual guides, blog writers, lightworkers, and even our own knowing all say we are here to change the world.  The question is, how do we do this?  It helps to keep an open heart and remain joyfully curious.  Here is Cindy’s story about instant impact, the ripple effect, attitude and change.

Indigo Struggles with Health, Wealth, and Homes

Many adult indigos struggle financially and with their health and having a place to live.  While some of this is the economy, we feel there’s more going on.  We’ve met many who have had a homeless stint, and Denise LeFay at  has created a forum for them to find places to live.  What’s happening, why and what could be done about it?

Spotlight: Rabbi Wayne Dosick – Author, Teacher, Adult Indigo

Join us for a deep, open hearted interview with Rabbi Wayne Dosick, PhD.  He’s co-author of the book, “Empowering Your Indigo Child – a Handbook for Parents of Children of Spirit” and is currently writing one about “embracing the full essence of the divine”.  We’ll ask him to share about his journey as a spiritual leader and how he came to be involved with indigos for the past dozen years or so.  He’ll share about the healing work he and his wife do with indigos and what he’s doing now.

It’s Time to Go to Your Dream Life NOW-Part 2

To follow up on our last show, wed like to go a little deeper with the energies now – light and dark, the thinking and feeling behind the process of going for your dream life now, and share some stories of manifesting houses, situations, and the ‘right’ people.  We’d love to hear your stories and comments.

It’s Time to Go to Your Dream Life NOW

Join Cindy and Nancy and guests for a talk about you moving into your big dream life now. Well talk about the current state of the planet and why nows the time; our natural resistance; moving through and releasing resisitance; whats possible; help that’s out there, and more.

UFO Experiencer Shares Her Story and Insights

Karen has been curiuos about UFOs and the planetary energy shifts and transitions for many years. As an indigo elder, she will share stories and wisdom and a researchers scientific perspective to our discussion of the impact of the… more

Spotlight: Stewart Levine, Esq- Conflict to Collaboration

Stewart Levine is an attorney whos dedicated his career to transforming the legal professions and societys “win/lose” paradigm to a “win/win” paradigm. Hell share his story of how his passion to handle conflict a better way came about. His… more

Spotlight: Kelly Canull, On Target Indigo, Author, Biz Owner

We are excited to have Kelly Canull share her story with you! Kelly has been successfully navigating the pitfalls that take many indigos off their path or down into depression. She is passionate that indigos find successful role models and… more

Wow! Whoa! I Can Feel Everything!

Join Cindy and Nancy and guests as they explore the magnificently wonderful and challenging gift of empathy. A large majority of Indigos literally experience in their bodies the feelings of others – their happiness, fear, pain, etc. We’ll… more

EMOTIONS – Help for the unpleasant ones

Indigos feel all emotions intensely. And, with the changes on planet earth, the emotions of fear, anger, and betrayal will be triggered in all people. So what is a person to do? Today we have a master guide through the world of emotions,… more

Parenting the Spirited Child – Let it be Easy

In this show Cindy and Nancy and their special guests will share about parenting and indigo / crystal / rainbow children. We will explore the joys and challenges for both the parent and the child as they learn how to dance together in a family…. more

The Challenges of the Misunderstood Indigo

In this show Cindy and Nancy will talk about common areas where the indigo / crystal / rainbow adult (and child) is judged, labeled, sidelined, misdiagnosed; and what can be done about the fear and misunderstanding that fuels those… more

Celebrating the Indigo Gifts

Join Cindy and Nancy as they highlight and celebrate the gifts that Indigos bring to the world. They touched on a few indigo qualities in the first episode – empathy, win-win solutions, visionaries, and creativity. Now they’re going to talk about… more

A Taste of Indigo Magic – The First Bite

Join hosts Cindy and Nancy as they explore what it is to be Indigo and why it’s important to have a dialogue about solutions to being on the planet.