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Tag: December 2012

Dec 16 2012

Ascension Week: Taking Self Responsibility

Talk of ensuring we all ‘go within’ – go into our hearts; into our heart spaces – at this crucial time is everywhere right now. There are thousands of columns, commentaries, radio shows, videos and websites dedicated to it. To us Lightworkers, it seems everyone, everywhere is talking about it, channelling it, writing about it, …

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Dec 13 2012

Caterpillar to Butterfly – New Beginnings

The earth is going through some energy changes, and my clients who are very sensitive to energy definitely feel the changes.  Whether you agree that the planet is being washed and filled with a new influx of energy, or just think the whole thing is irrelevant, doesn’t matter. Either way, how about really using the …

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Dec 09 2012

Saul: To Awaken is Like Having an Enormous Load Lifted from Your Shoulders

As the end of your earth year draws closer, excitement continues to mount. What is due to happen is unprecedented in your entire human history, and has been planned and prepared for, for eons. It is an event of enormous significance that will raise your levels of consciousness to such high levels that what you …

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