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Nov 02 2012

World Puja Network – “The Game has Changed” by Maureen Moss


Dear Hearts, As always, I pray you are well. Beloveds, the energies are intensifying and will become more so in the closing days of this cycle ahead. As the next two months progress there will be even more profound breakthroughs and breakdowns. The Divine Descent is upon us, as Heaven is brought to Earth, through …

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Jul 17 2012

Time for the Final Push


2012 July 16  Posted by Steve Beckow the2012scenario.com Aisha North suggests that “waves of high voltage energy” are hitting the planet at the moment, mostly from the Sun.  (1) Saul calls it “the Love flooding the planet, and dissolving the hardness that has infected so many hearts.” (2) He adds that “you, the Light-holders and …

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